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The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Uploader: Zolotaxe 3 years ago  
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Groose has set off on his own to rescue Zelda, and goes with Link to ask the advice of the Old Woman. It was late at night on Skyloft, Link was in his room getting some clean clothes, he was wearing his knight tunic which was covered in mud, he and Zelda had spent all day exploring unknown parts of the surface and Link and her had discovered a swamp and they ran into a small hord of Bokoblins and Link had fought them off but slipped and fell in some mud and also sustained a small cut on his left shoulder as he was fighting them. Zelda has been getting unnecessary harassment from a hateful user on Rumblr, how will she handle it? Link returns to the Isle of Songs and learns " Nayru's Wisdom ", which leads to a Silent Realm in the Lanayru Desert; upon completion, Link receives the Clawshots , allowing him to travel to the Lanayru Sand Sea , where he must search for the Sandship aboard which Nayru's Flame is found. During a private meeting at E3 , Eiji Aonuma stated that he would like Zelda Wii , as it was then codenamed, to have a whole new control base for the game and implement one-to-one swordplay. This allows for the sword to be integrated into puzzles to a greater extent than in previous titles; for instance, defeating a Deku Baba requires that Link deliver a vertical or horizontal sword strike depending on the position of the enemy's mouth, and certain locks in dungeons that require a certain combination of sword slashes in certain directions to unlock them.


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